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Many Helping Hands - Updated

I am facing pretty substantial financial troubles and have exhausted just about all of my private/public options. There are two or three more options lined up but bottom line - I would like to ask the folks of Blackfolk if they can donate to help me keep my home.

I have been disabled all my life, I worked for 10.5 yrs to support my siblings after my Mother passed in 1996, even though I am in a wheelchair - so I am by no means a slacker or whatnot. I have been on Disability since 2007 because my condition became worse. My financial problems started in earnest in 2009, after I loaned a "family friend" (we grew up together, he was there when I had to bury my older disabled brother in 2001 - our Moms were friends) my cushion money in an investment and he basically made off like Bernie Madoff. I feel ashamed about it, I feel stupid about it and because of it, I am now standing in a position to lose my wheelchair accessible home. As it stands, I am two months arrears as of this posting (once March rolls in, that will make it 3 months).

I hate asking because I know there are those of Us that are doing really bad in these times but I am not sure where else to turn. I've tried doing a mortgage modification but I've been denied twice because I don't earn enough via Disability to make the payments. It's quite depressing. I will be meeting with an authorized HUD agency next week to see if there is anything they can do to make the mortgage company lower the payment closer to what I originally had it at, $485.00 vs the ridiculous $1671.00 that they put it at now because of escrow issues.

I don't want to make Blackfolk into something it was never meant to be - a place for hand outs. I just need help. If you can ChipIn - that would be great and would push back the threat of foreclosure. If you are familiar with the modification process and can help - I'll take your advice. If you are a legal professional and can assist - I'm all ears. Any assistance to right this situation will be welcomed and appreciated.

I have a ChipIn page if you'd like to take a look at it:


My PayPal email is xaniibutterfly@yahoo.com

Boosting this info is okay as well.

Thank You in advance. I will respond back to everyone who contributes/has questions/etc...

All My Love,



On 2/28/12, I went to an appt. with a NID - HCA Certified Housing Counselor and
Loss Mitigation Specialist in my area (nidonline.org) and I did my intake to see if my pymts can be lowered.

I am currently waiting to see what other information she may need and if I can be helped at all.

I will post the results. Hopefully this website/info can help others who are in my same predicament.

A Special Thank You to the handful who donated. The funds are being held to help me in the next step after this loss mitigation. Thank You!!

All My Love,

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