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blackfolk and self-publishing/indie publishing?

i've finally reached a place in my life where i can get writing regularly and part of that is discovering the world of indie publishing.  i am curious, if anyone's around, what lj blackfolk think about it.  i remember a lot of fandom of color debate about gatekeeping issues in traditional publishing and a lot of talk about chromatic presses, but nothing came of any of it, as far as i recall.

but out there in self-publishing land, black housewives are making mad cash writing ebooks with afro-typic black women on the covers and it's such a contrast of vigor to the rounds of lamenting i still see when i peep at speculative fiction writers of colors' blogs.

so the floor's open, if anyone's out there during this slow holiday time.  amazing opportunity or another hurdle?  i obviously see it as the former.  
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