November 18th, 2007

Setting aside differences to fight a common enemy

From Controversial and virulently anti-gay Hutcherson - pictured above getting down with the Klan - wants to wage an unholy war against Microsoft. The former footballer and FBI suspect reportedly asked his Evangelical peers and Jewish colleagues to buy up Microsoft stock and force the technology giant to abandon its gay rights advocacy.

Apparently Hutcherson told Microsoft that he’ll be their “worst nightmare” if they don’t concede. He also said that he refuses to be intimidated by Microsoft’s size, wealth and power:

"I consider myself a warrior for Christ. Microsoft don’t scare me. I got God with me. I told them that you need to work with me or we will put a firestorm on you like you have never seen in you life because I am your worst nightmare. I am a black man with a righteous cause with a whole host of powerful white people behind me."

What are your thoughts on this? Keep in mind it is a homosexual publication and is biasedly representing Rev. Hutcherson.


Top 100 TV Icons

Entertainment Weekly just published their 100 Top TV icons.

The only Blackfolks that made it were

 #3: Oprah Winfrey
#4: Bill Cosby
:#36: Diahann Carroll
#43: Flip Wilson
#62: Redd Foxx
#68: Don Cornelius
#83: Isabel Sanford
#89: Robert Guillaume
#97: Cast of 'In Living Color'

Do you think anyone was missing?  If so, who (either real or fictional, as Homer Simpson and Kermit were on the list)?

Personally, I don't see how you could have Isabel Sanford on the list and NOT Sherman Hemsley.

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I wanted everyone to know that I am a 13 year old cracker who lives comfortably on white privilege and likes seeing the black folk get uppity.

There: didn't that make you feel better? That a black man could never speak the hard truth as I have done? That it had to be a troll? If that gives you relief, believe this comforting lie and go back to watching BET like the product you are. For the true black folk here, I will give you explanation for my prior comments.

In this vital time when the black community is seeking moral foundation, we must not allow ourselves to be eroded by false political correctness. Homosexuals do not share the same cause as the true civil rights movements. Theirs is a choice of sin.

And there is consequences for that sin, for both the sinner and the community that harbors them. If you do not believe, just look what God did to New Orleans. The black community is not immune from the Holy Wrath.

I am through trying to educate you. Consider this post my last comment on the matter, yet I will pray for you.
Snakes On A Plane
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i gotta say

I haven't been around much cause i started my second job for the holidays. (working 8am to 1am is NOT what's hot in the streets right now) I'm exhausted and sleepwalking and just turned my computer on today.

Mr. Ebonyglow was the funniest thing i've seen all weekend. I think we all enjoyed it, eh? let's wave him a cheery goodbye. As a friendly reminder, blackfolk is no longer a locked community, per member request via a poll. So everytime we get linked elsewhere, get ready for lots of new faces, and trolls. And it goes without saying, this is the internet and nothing is private.

That said, what are everyone's holiday plans?? We don't do family gifts anymore, nor thanksgiving at moms, so I may get some sleep after all! get some chinese takeout with the SO and
curl up with a movie and smores for dessert. Ahhhh useless american holidays.
Looked In A Cage

Are Y'all Watching The Patriots/Bills Game

I had the t.v. on mute cause I'm talking to my mom on the phone; but I looked up and I'm bout sure I just saw a group of Bills fans wearing black face with Afro wigs. I turned the t.v. up real quick to see if the commentators were saying anything about it, and they weren't. Then they just went to commercial.

Did y'all see that?

Federal Suit Says Markham Police Gay-Bashed Long Time Resident

Federal Suit Says Markham Police Gay-Bashed Long Time Resident Author

CHICAGO, 11/15/07 – Attorneys for a south suburban gay man filed suit in federal court today over an alleged Memorial Day police gay bashing that included breaking into the man's home with shotguns drawn, followed by a prolonged public humiliation mixed with anti-gay epithets in front of his neighbors as he sat handcuffed to a chair at the home's entrance.

Without knocking or announcing that they were police officers, several plain-clothed Markham cops burst into the home of 47-year-old Frankie Brown on May 31st, according to the suit. They pointed assault rifles at Brown and forced him lie face down on the floor of his bathroom. They then cuffed him, dragged him into an adjacent room, and slammed him into a chair.

"I'll sleep better tonight knowing there is one less fag on the street," said one officer allegedly. Other reported police comments included "We shouldn't be touching him, he takes it in the ass and sucks dick" and "What does a fag like you need with a lawyer."

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A brief report appeared on Channel 7, but a much better report appeared on Channel 2. See the following URL: