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white folks nazi rallies, and Michigan.

for those of you who don't know.. the Nazi's are ralling in my city on Saturday... i am goign there with the intention of being prepared for violence.... and it amazes me that people can find ways to defend NAZI's, and use the whole... black people can do whatever they want argument... check out a couple of local threads here... 

LiveJournal for Students At Michigan State Univeristy 

some highlights
well here's what i don't get. black people are allowed to have 'the white man is putting me down' rallys...but when people have another rally.....people are different about it. i don't support the neo-nazi's, but they're allowed to have their rights too. they're not all about racism, they're about pride in their heritage. which is EXACTLY what other people do...just this time, they're thought of as bad.

LiveJournal for Lansing Locals 

some highlights

andrewatmsu:Report back to us if you must go :)
I mean just there info poster says enough for me: Nazi--generally not the nicest folk. Pro-white--sounds pretty racist. National Socialist--Not really into changing our government that radically.

Would Pro-Black sound less racist?Its just the whole reverse racisum thing pisses me off, and I think the racist card gets way over played.

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