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Continue On

So glad to see so many of you still here! I agree, we need to get the ball rolling again, even if it is just to reconnect on a social level.

There was a point when I would have said that I "moved on" from LJ. But I never have. I download it on every new piece of tech I have. I haven't outgrown it, nor you as we have all merely grown UP together and continue to grow!

In a way, I love that Blackfolk served it's purpose for me. And I realize that my purpose for it was extremely different than maybe a lot of other purposes. And I think that's what made it great, and made it so widespread. That it was just a platform. A trunk for many different branches to sprout from. Well the leaves are gone and some branches are cracked and broken. But the Trunk is still solid and strong. Blackfolk will continue to be everything I need it to be, everything YOU need it to be, and everything WE make it. Post about whatever you like; We're still here reading.


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Mar. 20th, 2013 04:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you for this community. Thank you for this post.
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