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Originally posted by ricomsmith77 at "The Democrats Kicked Their ASSet....And Lost!"
One after one, they fell like dominoes on a table.  I’ve heard of political “waves” before, but what I was witnessing on this Election night was worse than watching my beloved Georgia Bulldawgs get blown away by the Florida Gators last weekend…….only I knew this was bigger than college football.
They had been saying it all along: The GOP is going to take control of the Senate during this midterm cycle.  The Democrats were going to lose seats in the House of Representatives.  They were right.  But what really happened was something that no one, not even Faux News (Fox News) saw coming.  You see, the GOP decided to make this midterm cycle all about one person…….Obama.  They figured that instead of running against the person they were ACTUALLY running against on the ticket, they would take advantage of the President’s unpopularity and pounce, like a bunch of wildcats in heat.  And it worked…….resoundly! They took full control of the US Senate, picked up more House seats, AND, they even won some Governor’s races in blue states……Illinois and Maryland.  To put it bluntly and candidly, the GOP didn’t just beat the Democrats….they kicked their ass.


So what the hell really happened?  It’s quite simple really:  The Democrats completely underestimated the voters and did not embrace the President…….at all!!  They can go ahead and try and blame Obama for losing control of Congress, but it was the Democrats that lost control of the message that was sent out during the 2008 and 2012 election cycle.  They made a decision to run away from the President because they were afraid to be seen with the first African-American to hold that office.  They were afraid to be put in an advertisement that might be used against them in states where Obama is really unpopular.  They were afraid of the GOP and their base.  They were afraid.  And it backfired.  And now Obama can sit back in the Oval Office and laugh at them for being such “jackasses” for not letting him be more involved.  I mean, he’s done this before…..quite well in fact!  But, you can also say that Obama himself didn’t really try to assert himself more into the races as he should have.  He could have gone to every state that had close, contested races and stumped for all the candidates in play.  However, they told him, “No thanks, Mr. President….we got this!”

The results of their stupidity should be noted at this point.


Here’s the ironic part…..this is funny, you’ll like this one:

After realizing that they might need a little help to get over the top, considering the latest polls were giving the GOP an advantage or gaining ground on them in key states:  Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Louisiana, and a few others, the Democrats did something quite bold…….and really stupid:  They went to the African-American community for help to win their elections.
Did they really go there?  Did they really try to ask for help from a group of people, who are still STRONG supporters of Obama, and think it was going to work?  There are a lot of adjectives you can insert here “_______” to describe the Democrats and what they were thinking on this one.  But I can say this:  no one thought it was going to be THIS bad!  They underestimated, not only the GOP, but the electorate themselves.  The underestimated the intelligence of their own base, the Democrats, and they didn’t use the ONE PERSON who has brought them together TWICE in mass quantities.  The fact that President Obama’s approval rating across the country is low, is a reflection of mood of how people feel about government in general.  Obama’s approval rating is higher than anyone in Washington DC right now……that includes everyone in Congress AND the Supreme Court.  He may not be running on high octane like he was when he was first elected, but he has managed to stay above everyone in DC his entire presidency so far.   He more than likely would  have made a difference in most states, but the Democrats misplayed the race card. They decided to keep him as far away as possible, but still ask the black community to vote for them……as if MSNBC and Facebook somehow doesn’t exist anymore.  *Smacks hand on head!*

To be fair, the GOP had a much better game plan this time around.  Their ground game was improved and they spent TONS of money in certain elections that mattered.  But the most obvious reason the GOP won so big was the very reason the Democrats lost so big………President Obama.

The Democrats tried to run away, but the GOP pounced that ass!


The irony is quite amusing actually.

I expect there is a lesson to be learned from all this somewhere.  The Democrats will be doing the blame game for a while, which is always expected after a beat down like that.  What they really need to do is some soul searching.  They need to go back to the message that got them into to power in the first place, and stop worrying about the polls so much.   They need to stop running away from the things that have been working, and start owning up to them. They need to do what the GOP does so well against them…
….not be afraid to use their best ASSet.


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Nov. 6th, 2014 04:43 am (UTC)
Uh, the guy Obama and Michelle personally campaigned for got steamrolled. He has no coattails, only personal charisma, which doesn't go far when you suck at the job and won't even delegate.
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