kum4ter wrote in blackfolk

I woke up one day in 2011 and people were just evil. Felt like I woke up from a coma. All these kids kept yellin “stay woke” on social media. But most of em are still sleeping. You ever seen invasion of the body snatchers!? This is definitely LOVECRAFTIAN. We defend the most vile shit for the sake of being woke and we don’t even see it. To tell you the truth, before 2011 I felt myself slipping. I had to question my conscience a time or two. I felt bad because I couldn’t feel bad. I mean you are supposed to feel something about the shit you do or say right ? We can’t always be ambivalent. Then again some of us circa 2020 are two sensitive about the wrong shit. And from the outside looking in, we look like a bunch of assholes


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