"Viewpoint" A Weekly Video Commentary from THE NEWS HIPSTER (Episode 1)

Originally posted by ricomsmith77 at "Viewpoint" A Weekly Video Commentary from THE NEWS HIPSTER (Episode 1)
Originally posted by ricomsmith77 at "Viewpoint" A Weekly Video Commentary from THE NEWS HIPSTER (Episode 1)
This Weeks Topic: "Is it time to change the way we vote?"

For those who are curious as to why I think that we should change our laws to make voting much easier, should be reminded of what the Voting Rights Act of 1965 states:

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"The Poll Trolls: How the Democrats REALLY Lost the Midterms"

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I admit that I watch way too much news and internet media.  I especially watch WAAAAY too much MSNBC on a daily basis. I admit that I drink too way much coffee and smoke way too much weed......ok not really not that much!  I also admit.....that I was wrong about this year's midterm election results.  I admit that I had more confidence in the Democratic electorate to get out and vote this year, and that they would win the races they were supposed to.  I admit I was wrong.........REALLY wrong!

But I have to admit I was right about one thing:  The elections were fixed in the GOP's favor due to the Poll Trolls. Oh yes, they are REAL.....and the reason the Democrats lost the midterms this year.


Who are the Poll Trolls you say?  Well simply put, they are the one's who have seeked out to suppress voting in certain states around the country.  These are the same people who go out screaming that there is a voter fraud problem going on and they are the ones who can fix it.  But if anyone has been paying attention like I have, then you should have already figured out that this is called Reverse Psychology.....a technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired: the opposite of what is suggested.  Yes, that definition is straight out of Wikipedia, in case you were wondering.  Meaning, they tell everyone that the Democrats are committing voter fraud, but it's really the GOP thats been doing it all along.


See, those damn trolls are clever.  They know how to scare the devil out of the general public......they've been doing it for YEARS.  They go on their public forum, called FOX NEWS, and spread their trollish agenda through their minions on a daily basis.  AND, they've gotten smarter too.  They've figured out how to use social media to their advantage, which is something they didn't really take advantage of much during the 2008 elections, but started to catch on during the 2012 cycle.  They knew the map was starting the change in the Democrats favor because the general population was becoming more informed.  And that is POISON to a troll......more informed people = more democratic voters = GOP go bye bye!

So enter voter suppression laws, and voter ID laws, and early voting restrictions, and gerrymandered districts....

.....and POOF!!  The GOP wins the midterms, and the Democrats get shipped back to the Chocolate Factory with a defective item......Obama chocked full of nuts!!


Now yes, I know the Democrats are as much to blame for not actually showing up to vote this year.  In general, midterms don't usually have high turnout.  Most people only vote during the presidential years, so it's hard for local and state election officials to get everyone enthusicatic about standing in a long line to vote.  Unless the people running are getting lots of media attention, most Democrats just don't really care enough to bother, whereas the opposite is true for the GOP.  The GOP have understood for years how important the midterm elections can be because if they want to gain power, they have to win locally.  They will pour millions of dollars and run thousands of ad campaigns to influence the voters to their agenda.....or lack thereof.  Either way...it works!

And the Democrats got a harsh, HARSH reality of what that looks like this time around......


......and the Poll Trolls will be watching again, in 2016!

"The Democrats Kicked Their ASSet....And Lost!"

Originally posted by ricomsmith77 at "The Democrats Kicked Their ASSet....And Lost!"
One after one, they fell like dominoes on a table.  I’ve heard of political “waves” before, but what I was witnessing on this Election night was worse than watching my beloved Georgia Bulldawgs get blown away by the Florida Gators last weekend…….only I knew this was bigger than college football.
They had been saying it all along: The GOP is going to take control of the Senate during this midterm cycle.  The Democrats were going to lose seats in the House of Representatives.  They were right.  But what really happened was something that no one, not even Faux News (Fox News) saw coming.  You see, the GOP decided to make this midterm cycle all about one person…….Obama.  They figured that instead of running against the person they were ACTUALLY running against on the ticket, they would take advantage of the President’s unpopularity and pounce, like a bunch of wildcats in heat.  And it worked…….resoundly! They took full control of the US Senate, picked up more House seats, AND, they even won some Governor’s races in blue states……Illinois and Maryland.  To put it bluntly and candidly, the GOP didn’t just beat the Democrats….they kicked their ass.


So what the hell really happened?  It’s quite simple really:  The Democrats completely underestimated the voters and did not embrace the President…….at all!!  They can go ahead and try and blame Obama for losing control of Congress, but it was the Democrats that lost control of the message that was sent out during the 2008 and 2012 election cycle.  They made a decision to run away from the President because they were afraid to be seen with the first African-American to hold that office.  They were afraid to be put in an advertisement that might be used against them in states where Obama is really unpopular.  They were afraid of the GOP and their base.  They were afraid.  And it backfired.  And now Obama can sit back in the Oval Office and laugh at them for being such “jackasses” for not letting him be more involved.  I mean, he’s done this before…..quite well in fact!  But, you can also say that Obama himself didn’t really try to assert himself more into the races as he should have.  He could have gone to every state that had close, contested races and stumped for all the candidates in play.  However, they told him, “No thanks, Mr. President….we got this!”

The results of their stupidity should be noted at this point.


Here’s the ironic part…..this is funny, you’ll like this one:

After realizing that they might need a little help to get over the top, considering the latest polls were giving the GOP an advantage or gaining ground on them in key states:  Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Louisiana, and a few others, the Democrats did something quite bold…….and really stupid:  They went to the African-American community for help to win their elections.
Did they really go there?  Did they really try to ask for help from a group of people, who are still STRONG supporters of Obama, and think it was going to work?  There are a lot of adjectives you can insert here “_______” to describe the Democrats and what they were thinking on this one.  But I can say this:  no one thought it was going to be THIS bad!  They underestimated, not only the GOP, but the electorate themselves.  The underestimated the intelligence of their own base, the Democrats, and they didn’t use the ONE PERSON who has brought them together TWICE in mass quantities.  The fact that President Obama’s approval rating across the country is low, is a reflection of mood of how people feel about government in general.  Obama’s approval rating is higher than anyone in Washington DC right now……that includes everyone in Congress AND the Supreme Court.  He may not be running on high octane like he was when he was first elected, but he has managed to stay above everyone in DC his entire presidency so far.   He more than likely would  have made a difference in most states, but the Democrats misplayed the race card. They decided to keep him as far away as possible, but still ask the black community to vote for them……as if MSNBC and Facebook somehow doesn’t exist anymore.  *Smacks hand on head!*

To be fair, the GOP had a much better game plan this time around.  Their ground game was improved and they spent TONS of money in certain elections that mattered.  But the most obvious reason the GOP won so big was the very reason the Democrats lost so big………President Obama.

The Democrats tried to run away, but the GOP pounced that ass!


The irony is quite amusing actually.

I expect there is a lesson to be learned from all this somewhere.  The Democrats will be doing the blame game for a while, which is always expected after a beat down like that.  What they really need to do is some soul searching.  They need to go back to the message that got them into to power in the first place, and stop worrying about the polls so much.   They need to stop running away from the things that have been working, and start owning up to them. They need to do what the GOP does so well against them…
….not be afraid to use their best ASSet.

Survey on Relationships

Hey Everyone,

I am a psych student at the University of Florida. I'm doing a study on our attitudes toward relationships. I've posted the survey around, but my demographics are skewed with 91% of the participants being white. I was able to post it on my facebook page and got some of my family members to take it, but I need more black participants.

It should only take 2-3 minutes. You have to read a short scenario and then answer some multiple choice questions about it. There are no right or wrong answers, so you can answer in whatever way you think is best. I would also love some advice on other sites outside of LJ or communities with LJ where this could be posted.

Thank you in advance! I really appreciate anyone that completes the survey! :-)

Survey Link: https://ufl.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bHNYi2IyCYazlm5


CDC Employee Attacked by Crazy Infected Man

I found this video on my daughter's cell phone in her office this morning after she stopped answering my calls last night. She is missing. I pray she is out there and alive somewhere.

The CDC is a dangerous place to work. Please share, get the word out, these infected monsters must be caught and stopped!!

They gotta be stopped. Sarah's a brilliant young woman and she didn't deserve this. People thought she was crazy but her curse was that she just knew too much.

Please help. Please pray. Please share. I'm begging you.