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The Black Community
Blackfolk is, simply, our community. We talk about anything and everything. We fight like cats and dogs. We are intimidating and loving. And everything in between.

Rules/Regulations/Words of Wisdom?

1. You'll probably feel more comfortable if you're black or at the very least a person of color. There is no "paper bag" test, so use your sense as to what you should do if approaching this community as an outsider. (I'm talking to you white people)

2. We like to mock people. Shamelessly. Be cool about it and hopefully it won't become your only claim to fame.

3. We don't care what you think.

4. SCROLL before you post something. If you think it's already been posted, you're right. It has.

5. Enjoy yourself, have some fun with it, find your niche here. You won't want to leave.

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For any issues, please contact the mods at "blackfolkmods" at g mail.

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